What products do you sell?

We sell interior doors, exterior doors and specialty doors—pre-hung as well as slabs. We also sell moulding (including MDF, softwoods and some hardwood varieties), and door hardware.

What type of product is a "Special Buy"?

When we can buy other home improvement products at a deep discount, we add them to our stock and pass the savings to our customers. Check our website often to see what we have available!

Do you install the products you offer?

No, we sell the products for you or your contractor’s installation.

How do you offer your product at such low prices?

Our company founder, “Big Ben” Bryan believes in having inventory on-hand and has established a reputation for buying stock, so he gets some of the best deals in the industry. We also have massive warehouse space, so when the buying opportunities are good, we act, and we pass the savings along to our valued customers! Our greatest pricing values are found in this in-stock product, however we can also special order at excellent pricing.

Be sure to check out “Big Ben’s” Story to learn more!

If we need assistance to determine what product, quantity and size we need, can you help?

Yes, we have experienced and skilled staff capable of assisting you with your needs!

How can I make my door shopping experience more successful?

The right front door will add style, personality and curb appeal to any home. With wood, steel and fiberglass options, choosing the proper exterior doors for our home can feel intimidating. However, by giving some advance thought to style, material and gathering some simple door specifications, the process can be made easier.

How do I gather my door specifications?

Using the PDF tools below, gather the measurements appropriate to your job and bring this information with you.

Door swing or “handing”

Right hand, left-hand, right-hand active, left-hand active, inside opening, outside opening; it can be confusing. Fortunately, we can help simplify.

Click here to download our Door Handling Chart PDF Guide.

Measuring your door size

For the entire pre-hung unit, measure the height and width of your entire door opening, stud to stud, floor to header–called the rough opening. To measure accurately, you might have to remove some interior casing (moulding) to see the backside of the doorframe.

Click here to download our Exterior Door Frame PDF guide.

Click here to download our Interior Door Frame PDF guide.

Measuring for a door retrofit

For the door only, the best way to ensure a trouble free match (retrofit) is to bring the “old” door into our door shop. We can then cut your newly purchased door to the exact specifications of your “old” door.

While it is strongly recommended that you bring in your “old” door, if you cannot, then take the measurements, as shown in the diagram below, and bring them with you. Please note, that once we cut a door based upon these measurements, it cannot be returned for a refund or store credit.

Click here to download our Retrofit Measurements PDF guide.